EZ Slide Overview

■ What is EZ Slide?

Teflon(PTFE), the “lowest friction” substance in existence! 

PTFE is incredible for the aviation industry because of its unique properties such as low coefficient of friction, low dielectric constant, and inflammability. 

PTFE is an essential material that is used frequently in airplane's components. For instance, it is used in the production of leading edges of the wings of an airplane — the flaps that are responsible for slowing it down during landing. This is made possible by the low coefficient of friction of the material. 

Moreover, PTFE coating ensures that the aluminum rod is adequately shielded, minimizing the effect that increased vibration could have caused. 

The range of materials used is very wide. It is widely used from general industrial use to state-of-the-art semiconductors and aerospace industries. 

EZ Slide made from Teflon(PTFE)!

How we move heavy furniture easily, without scratch on the floor? 

Solution is EZ Slide !

■ EZ Slide - Advantage & Strengths

∙ Furniture slides easily  

∙ No noise when sliding furniture 

∙ No scratch (your precious floor protective)  

∙ Applies all kind of floor (wood, carpet, lenoleum, tiles, marble etc.) 

∙ Easy cleaning job- just slide furniture 

∙ Easy interior relocation 

∙ Save manpower(one-man can do every work) 

∙ Save floor maintenance cost 

∙ Used in hotel, restaurant, office, library as well as household purpose  

∙ Reasonable price

■ EZ slide - Product line


EZ-18 / EZ-20 / EZ-25 / EZ-30 /EZ-40


EZS-20 / EZS-22 / EZS-30


EZN-20 / EZN-22


EZ-18A, EZC-19, EZK-19

※ The number(written behind the model name) means the size of product. (diameter mm) 

※ Rubber attached to a Teflon produce in black or gray color. 

※ If you would like to purchase, please send an email. (Email : evansjong@gmail.com

■ Various Models

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